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elisa freschi

This is a great query!

I am not aware of a single repository, but would suggest starting to ask scholars from Russia, Korea, Mexico and so on to compile a list of major works translated in their respective languages. The result might turn out to be interesting not only for native speaker BAs, but also for scholars working on the topic and who might not be aware of ressources in languages other than English and their own.

I, for one, am ready to promise that the Italian translation (and most of all the introductory study) of Saussure's Cours de linguistique générale by Tullio De Mauro is a great ressource on its own. Similarly with Vattimo's translation of Gadamer.

David Miguel Gray

While still in English, Jonathan Bennett has made some wonderful translations of Early Modern texts written in simplified English which makes them much easier for students to read. This might be of help to students that have some English skills.


Marcelo Fischborn

For translations into Portuguese, the following links would be a good starting point:

The website has many translations of recent works and introductory material.

This website stores public domain texts in Portuguese.

For the above websites, the user needs some familiarity with Portuguese in order to be able to find the relevant material. There are also many translations published by traditional presses as well as by online academic journals (the latter are all open access). The easiest way to find those without being a Portuguese speaker is to search by author name in Google Scholar or PhilPapers (note that some author names, especially the Greeks, change from a language to another).

I hope this helps!


Der Spiegel's German edition of Project Gutenberg (http://gutenberg.spiegel.de/buch/platons-werke-2430/1) has a number of classic philosophy texts translated into German (including Schleiermacher's wonderful translation of Plato's dialogues).

Interestingly (and unfortunately), the US Project Gutenberg site is now blocked for German IP addresses because of a recent court decision: https://goo.gl/WRm8jP).

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