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I think I basically agree. One additional thing which I do, however, is break my cover letter down into sections with different headings, so that anyone who's interested can easily skip to the research, teaching, fit, or "whatever else they want addressed" sections without having to read the whole thing.

I don't know whether it's had any significant effect, but it seems to me to be a better way to organize the letter.

Ted Shear

Aside from the really awesome advice on this blog, I found this advice article from the CHE very helpful: https://www.chronicle.com/article/Your-CV-Should-Inform-Your/243881

On the market

Related: I had been told by mentors in grad school, that R1 institutions don't want a letter more than one page long. However, on the market some years out of grad school, I wonder if that's true.

Is this missing an opportunity to persuade? Or is it respecting unwritten norms that R1s go straight to CV/writing sample/research statement?

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