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Tbh Peter I am very impressed that you have been a member of two writing groups that actually meet! In my experience, it is is very hard to get these going, and keep them going. The only writing groups I've ever been a part of were draft exchanges. Every so often you would send a paper to one person, and you would get one paper back. You then were supposed to read your partner's paper and give comments and then they did the same in return. This was very helpful...unless of course one person flaked or clearly rushed through things.


Hi Amanda,

It can be a challenge, for sure. For the most part, the biggest problem we have run into are meetings. Even if we can find a meeting time that works for everyone's regular schedule (difficult for sure), irregular committee meetings make it difficult for everyone to come to every writing group meeting.

Out of curiosity, were your draft exchanges inter-disciplinary or among philosophers? Were they on a single campus or did they involve emailing drafts to people across the world?


Hi Peter,

It can be nearly impossible to find a time everyone can meet. I think you win if you have over 50% show up on a regular basis.

As for my draft exchange - I have been part of two philosophy groups and one that was interdisciplinary. I think interdisciplinary can be just as helpful, because sometimes outsiders see things that others miss. Of course, a lot depends on the topic. If I am writing a paper in ethics, then someone in say, history, might actually be able to follow most of it and offer substantive feedback. If I was doing something in history of philosophy or metaphysics that could be much more difficult. The groups I was a part of had members across the country and across the world, which was nice. But clearly that meant meeting wasn't an option.

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