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"The letter-writer then writes an inflated letter about how great you are, with the degree of inflation depending on how the writer feels about you, as well as how comfortable that particular writer is with dishonesty."

Umm, a good percentage of the time, the 'letter-writer' then asks you to write a letter for yourself that they'll then sign and pretend they wrote.

So, letters of recommendation are often just written by the applicant.


Really does that happen a lot postdoc? It has never happened to me, thank goodness. I mean that really sounds awful, from all perspectives.


My anecdotal experience is that it happens a lot. I know more than a few people who have written at least one of their own letters. Someone I know would have ended up writing all of their letters, but they refused to do 2 of them. They still had to write one of their own letters. Anyway just another reason recommendation letters are stupid. It’s not even the person’s friends and colleagues writing; they’re writing them themselves and at the request of senior faculty at that. LOL! Maybe it’s just because many think the whole practice is too stupid to participate in.



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