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I enjoy both reading and writing. These two things make my job a wonderful job for me. I do read broadly. I read in my areas of specialization - epistemology and philosophy of science. But I also read a lot of science and social science. I need to because of their relevance for my own research. I skim, and then read bits of, Science, the journal, every week. But I only really get understanding when I have to write something down. So I enjoy writing for that reason. It is how I develop my understanding. Writing though is quite difficult at times. I often discover that I do not yet understand what I thought I did. Then I go back to reading ...


I think if I was just reading for enjoyment, I would well, enjoy it now. I am trying to get in the habit of reading more papers I just like. However I always feel guilty like I should be writing. Upon reflection, this doesn't make sense for a variety of reasons. But I feel this pressure to always have another paper under review, which means writing...


Marcus, regarding the Philpapers list - is that only papers that people have uploaded to phil papers? I have to say I have never that site. It seems like every time I am searching for a paper and find a link to philpapers, I get the message "this paper is not archived by us." That has really turned me off to using it. Personally, I have my papers on academia and research gate but not Philpapers.


Given a forced choice, I prefer writing philosophy to reading it. But I enjoy reading it.

My philosophical reading is largely dictated by what I'm working on at the moment. As I'm writing on a topic, I read up on it systematically and as close to exhaustively as I can. And since the work I do crosses a number of sub-disciplines, my reading ends up being pretty widespread. If something catches my eye via PhilPapers (or gets plugged by someone I know, or if I see it on a conference program, etc.), then I'll download it and at least skim it, and file it away for future reading. When I run out of compelling topics to write on, I return to that file and read something that catches my fancy. If a book comes out that I think is of interest, I'll always read a review or two before filing it away for future reading.

I read quite a bit outside of philosophy, though. Mostly historical and science fiction, history, and popular(ish) science. Recently, I've been on a bit of a mystery and thriller kick too. I read about one fun book a week. (In the end, I read a lot more for fun than I do for work. I don't think I'll ever catch up on my "to read" file.)

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