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Recent grad

This past year I served on my first search committee, at a teaching-focused school. I didn't look at a single page related to teaching evaluations. What mattered to me was, roughly in order: courses taught, teaching statement, and the teaching portion of the teaching statement. The teaching demo then trumped all these if they made it to a later stage (and there I cared more about what they prepared ahead of time rather than their performance).

Recent grad

Correction: teaching portion of the cover letter.


I've always included a table of contents, because there are too many different documents in there *not* to have one.

I recently cut the size of my dossier in half (from nearly 80 to 40), however, by following some of the advice here:

1.) I generated some graphs and charts illustrating my overall teaching evaluation scores (1 page), and then included just a few sets of recent evaluations, rather than a larger set. I have to say: it looks great!

2.) I included a single page with separate links to all of my syllabi (hosted on my site), and then just included one syllabus for each level (i.e. first- to fourth-year courses, plus one grad course and one unique "me" course), with an effort to illustrate my AOSes/AOCs.

That did the trick. I could cut another 10-15 pages by further pruning the sample assignments and syllabi and stuff, but I think I'm pretty close to the point of diminishing returns. I'll tinker a little over the coming months, but I think I'll end up sitting in the 35-40 range.

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