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Skype interview scheduled Indiana University Pennsylvania.

Random job market person

Huh, I applied for the LSE job and so far have no PFO. It was for the open/public policy assistant prof?


That's the one. I received the PFO a few days ago, and I know they already had 1-2 campus visits, and a couple more to go. I don't know why I got it then, but maybe you are still a backup candidate. Good luck!


Anyone have further news on Norwich? I received an email a few weeks ago to submit more materials, which felt promising. Others have reported receiving PFOs around that time; I have heard nothing else from them yet.


Pfo Rice, data ethics position


Any news on the Bowling Green TT position? Their deadline was 1/10, so I am starting to wonder.


Anon: I also received the email from Norwich to submit more materials about a month ago. I haven’t heard anything yet either.

Mara Bollard

Does anyone know what's going on with the recent (Feb 20) post at HigherEd Jobs for a (the?) TT job at VCU? https://www.higheredjobs.com/details.cfm?JobCode=176925968

Seems like the job is probably the same as the one with the October deadline for which an offer has already been made (i.e. this one https://philjobs.org/job/show/10950), but why the new and slightly different in content HEJ post?


Anon & Anon2: Coincidentally Norwich reached out last night for first rounds.

Mara: I was confused, too. Minimally, when I searched for jobs on their hire portal, there's two Philosophy Positions listed (one TT, one old adjunct). When I clicked on the TT, it said "View your completed application". So, I'm not sure whether they are reopening, or it was a mistake. But, minimally, it doesn't look like a new position, or at least old applications are already in.


Anon3: thanks for your reply! I clicked through to the VCU hire portal from each ad (which had different links, oddly!), and ended up in the same place, with access to my old application. Still a bit of a mystery, but I don't mind not having to do another app :)


Anyone have any updates about Colgate's Metaethics search since they scheduled flyouts?

Losing Hope

Any word on Cal State Dominguez Hills regarding second-round interviews? I know they had first round interviews a few weeks ago.


wondering: I heard (from a reliable source) that someone was offered the Colgate job. Sorry.


Anyone know if Cal State Fullerton has made an offer yet?


Another: Sorry, Bowling Green is doing fly outs. (Unless you know that and want to know whether an offer has been made - in that case I can't help you.)


Seeking, thanks for the information. I imagine fly outs have already been scheduled/happened?

ABD on the job market

Got a PFO from U Michigan-Dearborn. They said "the philosophy search committee has chosen a number of finalists" which sounds like they're already at the fly-out stage


Another: They've definitely been scheduled and at least one has happened. I don't know if they all have. Sorry :-/


Does anyone have any word on the Coastal Carolina University early modern job?


Coastal Carolina is in the process of doing on-campus interviews.

Robots in Disguise

hello! has anyone heard anything about the el camino community college position? perhaps community colleges take longer to process applications in general, so this could be a post for the other thread. if so, apologies

Dr. Job Seeker

I applied to El Camino College and haven't heard back yet. In my experience, community colleges can take a wide range of times for turnaround. I've heard back about first-round interviews as early as two weeks after closing and as late as two months after closing. The closing date for this ECC job was Jan. 9, so there's a decent chance they've already sent out first-round interview invitations, but it's possible they still haven't done so.

Also, I'm not sure if you also applied to Cerritos College, but I got my PFO from them on Feb. 21.


Any word on the Broward College job?

anon anon

any news on the new college of florida early modern job?


Any news on the Princeton postdocs, UCLA postdoc (social/ethics), the UNC-PPE Research Asst Prof/postdoc, the Concordia postdoc (Ethics), or the Rice postdoc (Value Theory)?


WVU just sent me my new favorite PFO, which begins:

"I am writing to update you on the WVU job search. I am very excited to report that we hired an outstanding candidate."

Later, it turned out the candidate wasn't me...


While we're at it, what about the Stanford McCoy postdoc?

third-order anon

Anotheranotheranon: I'm glad I'm not the only one who was amused. I did not expect to see "I am very excited" in a PFO.

N.B: WVU Snafus F-ing PFO

Anotheranotheranon and third-order anon: Ugh. I was a combination of amused and livid. What an awful opener! After my midterms I'm going to announce, "I'm very excited to report that one of you got an A!" If my students were to throw things at me I couldn't blame them. Do better, WVU!


New College of Florida made an offer


Sam Houston State University visiting assistant professorship (AOS: Non-Western, AOC: Ethics) Skype interview.


I just learned that CSU Dominguez Hills scheduled flyouts a couple weeks ago. And at least one of those visits has already happened.


Any word on Minnesota-Duluth or Lynn University?

Robots in Disguise

just got a PFO from el camino community college (since i asked about it earlier, thought i'd share)

Dr. Job Seeker

PFO from El Camino, too. They did the opposite of WVU. Instead of a misleading opening line, they actually made the subject line "Not Interviewed." I thought that was funny.


Wiki says Arizona phil cogsci position filled, but no pfo yet. Anyone know smt?


Anyone know anything about status of:

St. Olaf (Public Affairs postdoc)
College of DuPage
Spokane Community College


UCL has requested additional materials from certain candidates.


Reluctant: Sorry, I can confirm that the Arizona cog sci position has been filled (I know the person who accepted the offer.)

Yet Another Anon

Has anyone heard anything about the LSU Ethics Institute job?


I interviewed for the LSU Ethics Institute job weeks ago. They moved onto fly outs.


Thank you Anon. What I do not understand is why these departments, or human res offices, won't even have the common courtesy of sending out rejections...


Does anyone know whether Wisconsin-Whitewater has scheduled fly-outs?


PFO from UCL today (and thanks to anon for confirming they were moving on yesterday).


Boop: Wisconsin Whitewater scheduled flyouts a couple of weeks ago.


Georgetown 3 year teaching positions?

Broward Community College?


Does anyone know if Arcadia has made an offer?


Does anyone know if San José State made offers for their two TT positions (Philosophy of Technology and History of Philosophy)?


Hi Anon, I'm pretty sure that San José made an offer in their technology search. No idea about the other search.


Anon: thanks for the info on San José. Do you know when the offer was made?


Sometime this past week I believe. I heard of it on Thursday, but it may have been a few days before that.


any word on the coastal carolina early modern position?


Jake McNulty (Columbia) has been offered and accepted a Bersoff from NYU, but does anyone know if others have?


Anonyme, Coastal Carolina completed three on-campus interviews recently and should make an offer soon.


PFO Stirling post-doc.


Any news on the University of Delaware ethics search?


Any intel on the University of Tampa position?


U of Minnesota Duluth VAP phone interview being scheduled.


anonymous: if you learn that the candidate who got the offer from San José (phil. tech.) has accepted it and feel comfortable letting me know, it would help me move on!

non-Leiterific grad student

Received a very kind PFO from Brandeis. (No sarcasm intended.)


Just an added point of information: Brandeis got 597 applicants.


Princeton Desai postdoc has been offered and accepted.


Georgetown Assistant Teaching Professor
2 Positions

298 applicants.

In process of finalizing a short list to request more information from


Anon: are you an applicant who received some form of communication from Georgetown or is this insider information?


Does anyone know if LSU made an offer?


I simply queried the search chair about the status of applications and got this response


Does anyone know how long the search process for these multi-year non-TT teaching positions is? I'm thinking Georgetown, Auburn and UMass Boston from this season.


Anyone have info. on the Temple job status?


Georgetown has started contacting finalists for letters and a teaching portfolio.


Georgetown has also started sending PFOs.


Did anyone hear about NIH, Smith College, and Tennessee State U positions?


Tennessee State has moved to at least first-round interviews.


If you mean the NIH Bioethics Fellowship, they've already sent rejections.


Smith has also conducted first round interviews (for the Mellon VAP position/s).


Anon: Thanks a lot!


Has anyone heard something about the Mount Holyoke VAP?


Stanford's Mellon postdoc has been sending out rejections. 600 applicants, 4 postdocs.


any update on coastal carolina (early modern)? has an offer gone out?


Bersoff rejections are out.


An offer has gone out and been accepted for the Coastal Carolina position in early modern.


Sam Houston State U VAP (aos non-Western) flyouts are being scheduled.

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