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A. Non. E. Mouse.

PFO College of DuPage.
Oakton Community College is scheduling on-campus interviews.


Has anyone heard from Wake Forest (3 year Assistant Teaching Professor), Davidson (multi-year VAP), or Bucknell (VAP)?


Any word from Princeton?

wondering candidate

does anyone know if University of the Pacific has made an offer to anyone yet?

Number three

Also curious about the Assistant Teaching Prof position at Wake, if anyone has any info.


Denison (1yr VAP) has conducted Skype interviews.

Anon east coast grad

Has anyone heard anything about the Instructor position(s) at Auburn?

Or the Wake Forest Teaching Prof position?


Tennessee State University has made an offer. Broward College is doing on-campus interviews.


Answering my own question (in case anyone else is wondering) Wittenberg University offered the position to someone, and that person accepted. Hamilton is waiting on official approval to invite candidates to campus but has started contacting finalists.


Guelph is scheduling on-campus interviews

Anon who is dreaming of Spain

Did anyone receive an offer from U Navarra (Spain)?


Has anyone already scheduled on-campus interviews with Guelph? I know they were supposed to be scheduled today.


Anyone heard from UMass Boston on their Lecturer position?


anon: yes, Guelph on-campus interview has been scheduled last week


PFO from U Central Oklahoma


Any news on Stanford Online high school's Philosophy position?

Throwaway Name

Waitinginvain: I checked my application, and apparently is is "no longer under consideration" or something similar. You might check yours too.

Has anyone heard *anything* about the Assistant Teaching Professor position at Wake Forest? Anyone reached out to the department?

Joe Bob

Throwaway Name: This probably isn't helpful but I haven't heard anything about the wake forest position and haven't reached out.

Recent Grad

I also don't have much helpful to add about wake forest, but I imagine they were inundated with applications and are taking a while to work their way through them. I expect it's a similar story with U-Mass Boston and Auburn. It's possible the search committees didn't quite realize just how desirable these positions are in the current market.


UMass Boston has scheduled campus visits.


Has anybody heard from:

Davidson College
Bucknell University
Middlebury College
Washington University in St. Louis


KA: Middlebury started scheduling skype interviews a couple of weeks ago.


The University of Tampa position has been filled.


Just throwing a few out there after having inquired about job search statuses:

Conducting/has conducted interviews: Simon Fraser University, Auburn University

Offer accepted: Davidson College


PFO from St. Anselm, Memphis, and Smith College


anybody know anything about that assistant director of undergraduate studies position that UChicago advertised?


I also reached out to Chicago: "We won’t know for a while about this. We’re still in the early stages of the search."


@KA: Middlebury has made an offer

@KA: Auburn has also made offers for its instructor positions


Bucknell VAP has conducted interviews.

California Uber Alles

Anybody hear anything about CSU San Bernardino?


Anybody heard anything from U Buffalo for their clinical ethics job?


San Bernadino did Skype interviews the other week.


Towson Conducted First-Round Interviews


PFO CSUDH, Hamilton and Southwestern made offers that were accepted. Has anyone heard from Miami University or Marquette University for VAPs?


Miami University conducted Skype interviews a couple of weeks ago


Has anyone heard from William & Mary?

philosophy grunt

Has anyone who had a first-round interview with Miami University heard from the department since then?


PPT: William and Mary has made an offer.


Have anyone heard about the two positions at King's College London? In continental and philosophy of science?

Greg Stoutenburg

Hilarious PFO from Lynn University: "Dear #firstname#, Thank you for applying for the #job title# position at Lynn University...etc"

Recent Grad

Haha! I read the pfo and deleted it without even noticing. Shows how much attention I give them. What a refreshingly honest pfo!


Uninformative, form pfo from UC-Merced...


I contacted Wake Forest. They made the hire in May.


Hey all,
This thing appears to have gone dormant for the 18-19 job cyclce, but did anyone hear anything from Wichita State University? They posted a job ad really late for a assistant/associate professor position with a may deadline. Thanks.


Any news on Trent?


I heard around mid-June that Wichita State had made a hire.


Pfo from Eindhoven University of Technology...

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