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Anyone heard from Lehman?


I have reason to think Auburn has scheduled flyouts.


any news on new college of florida?


pfo from UIUC


UCRiverside has scheduled fly-outs.


Anyone heard from Marian?


No pfo from Riverside?


NYU has invited 3 people for fly-outs.


Anyone hear from Rice University, Lehman College, or West Virginia University?

Anon ABD

West Virginia has scheduled interviews.


Anything on either York (Toronto) search?


West Virginia has scheduled skype interviews.

Can't sleep anti-natalists will eat me

Any word on the Georgetown race job? Deadline was early.


Minnesota will skip skype interviews and go straight to flyouts. No decisions have been made yet about who will be invited.


Berea flyouts have been scheduled


Rutgers-Newark has scheduled flyouts.


Fred, do you know when Minnesota will make the decision of whom to invite?


PFO Pitt Ancient


Does anyone know whether it is very common to have a "waiting list" for campus visits? And how long could it take to know whether one will get an invitation for a campus visit? And how many candidates are normally put in a "waiting list"? This is my first time on the American job market. Thanks!

Shut Out in Slow Motion

Anon, is the Berea job you're referring to the one at Baldwin Wallace?


PFO Pitt Ancient.


Shut Out In Slow Motion, I'm referring to the Berea job in Kentucky. Hope that helps!


Did anyone out there who made it to the interview phase with Memphis hear anything back yet? I was told we'd hear back in 2 weeks. It has now been 4, though.


Any news on Pitt HPS?


Rejection from Brown Political Theory postdoc.


Pitt HPS has long-listed but will only interview fly-outs.

Another Anon

Anon, thanks for the update on Pitt HPS. Have the candidates on the long list been notified or will only the interviewees be contacted?

Job seeker

Philonous, I'm afraid I wouldn't get too hopeful. My university, for instance, has us put all of the first round interview candidates who would be competent hires (so, usually basically all of them) on the waiting list, because we can't hire anyone who has been taken off of it. I don't think that we've ever had to invite a second round of fly outs, though. (And if we did, it would be after all of the first set of fly outs had either visited and been judged unhirable or visited, been offered the job, and turned them down in sequence. So, months.) Sorry :-/


@Another Anon, candidates on the long list have been identified.


Any news on UTSA or Villanova (Critical Race Theories) fly outs?


Job seeker, thanks for the information! I was not too hopeful, but now I'm even less hopeful!


Oxford has scheduled flyouts


any news about Bochum (Germany), ancient & medieval philosophy?
the hire is supposed to start at the end of April.


Clark has started scheduling skype interviews.

Job seeker

Any word on UC Davis?

Another anon

UC-Davis hasn't contacted anyone yet.


Did Clark call or email?


PFO from U Mass Amherst.


Anoon: Clark emailed.


Amherst position filled by internal candidate (VAP).

Anon PHD

Is there still no news on Lehman College?


Any news on Merced?

Anon student

Anon PHD: I applied to Lehman and still haven't heard anything.


@Arsene: the Amherst College position is still open (the PhilJobs appointment posts regarding the VAP is incorrect and is just meant to refer to the visiting position for 2018-19).


Arsene: P.S. I was assuming you were referring to the Amherst College position, but my apologies if you meant the UMass Amherst job.


Sacramento State is scheduling Skype interviews


@dlewis: according to this psych job wiki (http://psychjobsearch.wikidot.com/), Merced invited for campus visits on 12/20.


Any word on the Florida Philosophy of Science position?


can anyone confirm the UMN interviews that popped up on phil jobs wiki?

Blake Francis

Any one know if New Mexico Tech has scheduled fly outs?


Can anyone also confirm the Memphis scheduling of campus interviews from the phil jobs wiki?


Memphis department calendar has the job talks.


@anon University of Florida has scheduled some skype interviews for the Philosophy of Science job


@dlewis: this psychology jobs wiki -- http://psychjobsearch.wikidot.com/ -- says campus visits to Merced for their cog sci positions listed on PhilJobs have been scheduled


I have a question: say that X job has sent out interview requests according to the blogs on Wednesday. Then, I get an interview request from X job two days later on Friday. Does this mean I was a backup? Or could they have sent out the interview requests in stages?

I know this is really speculative and probably unhelpful, but any thoughts on this matter is appreciated.


Paranoid: don't worry about it! That happened to one of my students in a recent search that I happened to have inside info on, and it was just that the search chair had staggered the requests (so, they were scheduling each interview before contacting the next person). It could be this and one of the first people posted it on the wiki. Or it could be someone from the search committee who posted, but they hadn't actually contacted anyone yet. It could be anything. (But more importantly prudentially you shouldn't worry about this because there is no point even if you are a backup, I know that part is easier said than done...)

hopingforBoston fool

I hate to add another one of these questions...but has anyone heard of BC reaching out to people yet?


“has anyone heard of BC reaching out to people yet?”

I saw someone on fb say they were contacted. I think they said they were invited to campus but don’t remember for sure.


University Florida (Ethics) Scheduled some skype interviews.


CSU Fullerton is scheduling Skype interviews


PFO from Eastern Washington University NTT


any news on singapore?

another postdoc

Arcadia and Iowa State reached out about first round stuff today


There remains no movement on the wiki regarding either McMaster or University of Michigan-Dearborn. Any insider information here? The deadlines are now what seems to be long since past, but who knows what to make of these things...?

another postdoc

McMaster's flyouts are already scheduled, for both positions

Anon - re Singapore

Singapore (NUS) has scheduled flyouts.


Any news on the Georgetown and Stanford philosophy of race jobs? Have they scheduled interviews or fly outs?

These were early and mid-November deadlines,

The next Quine

Arizona moved to campus visit



do you know if they went straight to flyouts or if there was ever a first round interview stage?

i'm curious.


Georgetown (phil race) has scheduled fly outs.


Any updates on this UCLA postdoc in ethics/social/pol. phil?


another postdoc

Candidate###, I don't know, I only know that flyouts are happening


I emailed Rice about their position today. Was told they have decided to focus on associate prof candidates, and will only look at assistant prof candidates if/when that fails. So Marchish, if ever.


UC-Davis scheduling Skype interviews

Pfo phd

Georgia southern pfo


Cornell College pfo


There are two schools to which I applied that have scheduled interviews/flyouts and sent out PFOs, but I have not heard from them (and there isn't anything from them in my spam folder). What does/could this mean?


whyamianonymous: Out of curiosity, aprox. when did you submit your application to Cornell College? I haven't heard anything from them yet and I'm wondering if they're rejecting applicants on a rolling basis.

Marcus Arvan

anon123: hard to say—but it is possible you have not been ruled out. Sometimes search committees have alternates in case none of the people interviewed or flown out are judged satisfactory to hire.


Marian University has started to schedule first-round interviews.


anon: I know someone who applied on the deadline, and has received their rejection.

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