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[non-rigid designator]

RE: Gonzaga (though not a finalist). Over 250 applicants, under 15 Skype interviews, 3 finalists. I would comment on the other content, but that line of discussion should probably go in the other thread.


250+ applicants for Gonzaga.


Has anyone actually gotten a Gonzaga PFO or flyout? Or is this some wiki fake news?

Job seeker

Rochester has scheduled at least some fly outs.



I think the "cold" PFO you're remembering was from Toronto (for Ancient v Medieval, if memory serves). If so, that PFO noted that several hundred candidates applied, but went on to say that the committee couldn't agree on *any* "qualified" or "suitable" candidates, or something to that effect. If that's the one, it seems a little different from a standard PFO to me. (A little worse, I mean.)

I don't pay much attention to my PFOs either way. But I vastly prefer one that says how many applicants there were.

Dey Terk Err Jaorbs!

Bilkent University has started scheduling Skype interviews.


Can confirm fly out and PFO (from different people), not fake news!

robots in disguise

I dunno know about yall, but the many rejections that I've received from journals, grant applications, etc., pale in their PFO-ness compared to these job-related emails. So, I would say that, since this kind of rejection only gets worse and more frequent from here on out, and is a sadly necessary feature of nearly every single aspect of our profession, time to develop as think a skin as you can and stop taking these things personally. Not easy, but required, I think, in order to get by

another postdoc

I agree with robots, although I think once you've had a hundred or more they start to lose their sting kind of naturally, at least they did with me (the not having a job still stings; the individual letters not so much). In fact I'm now appreciative of the places like Rochester and Gonzaga that gave me final word right away; it's worse when it's already July or whatever and you get an out of the blue reminder of the job market season.


Sigh, I remember the good ol' days. When the job-market reporting thread was used solely for reporting when interviews have been scheduled, when positions have been filled, and the like.

If only this blog had a moderator. Wait! It does!

Marcus Arvan

555: coolio - I’ll halt the threadjacking. Let me suggest that commenters
go back to reporting news on this thread, and take job market discussions back to the job market discussion thread (see the blog’s right sidebar for the link to the other thread!).


PFO from Gonzaga


Pittsburgh has scheduled skype interviews for the early modern job.


PFO from Le Moyne College


UC Riverside has scheduled first-round interviews for their L&M&E position.


RE: Gonzaga

Not a finalist. Email came Friday: over 250 applicants, under 15 Skype interviews, 3 campus visitors. Comments on the remaining content probably best reserved for the other job-market thread.


Does anyone have an update about McMaster? The status of the position on the job wiki is "applications acknowledged," but someone mentioned in this thread last week that they had received a request for more materials. What was requested? I had a request (two weeks ago) to confirm whether or not I am a citizen/permanent resident of Canada.


Brandeis has scheduled Skype interviews?


Yes, Brandeis scheduled Skype interviews.

California Dreamin'

Anyone have word on CSU Long Beach or CSU Dominguez Hills?


PFO Elon


Pfo from CMU philsci. No disingenuous praise.


PFO from Elon

First Time Job Marketer

Anyone heard from Temple?

another postdoc

Cornell PFO


PFO Cornell early modern


PFO x 2 from Cornell


I just received a rejection notice from Cornell.


Cornell Philosophy of Psychology?


Any news from Singapore?


PFO Leeds


Interviews being scheduled for St. Josephs College NY


Still no news re: interviews for GW's Ethics and IR line? Thanks, all!


Has anyone received a Xavier flyout?


Northeastern is now scheduling on-campus interviews.

ancient philosophy guy

PFO from Oxford (ancient). 67 applicants.

Bochum (ancient) is asking for writing samples. (application closing 1-2 months ago)


Psych: I applied to two TT Cornell jobs, including the philosophy of psychology job, and received a dual purpose PFO: "Thank you for applying for our tenure-track positions in the Sage School of Philosophy at Cornell University. Unfortunately, you have not been selected as a finalist for these positions."


Ancient Phil guy: any word from Brown or Pitt?


Another Skype-interviewed Xavier applicant here: no word for me from them yet either. It sounded in the interview like they'd let us know by today whichever way, but maybe that was only for people they were moving forward with?


@psyched, notpsyched - I applied for the philosophy of psych job at Cornell but not the other one - did not get a PFO but also no other word from them. Are others in this boat?

ancient philosophy guy

Jj: no news from Pitt.

I didn't apply to Brown.

ancient philosophy guy

also: did anyone apply to Navarra (Spain)?

In their acknowledgment reply, they said that they were planning to schedule interviews at the end of February, so it might be a bit too early for them to have already a shortlist.

Did anyone apply to Bochum, Germany (ancient/medieval position)?


anontoo, that’s what I’m wondering. I bet if we don’t hear by the end of the day we assume who ever got flyouts doesn’t use the wikis?

Marginal Hope

J, Psych, and notpsyched: I received the same PFO from Cornell mentioning the "positions." I initially assumed that it was meant to cover both. Looking at the Open posting, though, it seems that it was actually for two jobs ( The psych posting might still be in play.


Anything from British Columbia?


Yeah, my Cornell PFO was for the Open search.

Pitt PFO this morning. It did that mildly annoying thing of implying rejection without actually saying it.


@Jj Brown did Skype interviews this week and Pitt (ancient) is interviewing this week as well.


Flyout to University of British Columbia, Asian philosophy.


Any word on Amherst?


Pitt PFO


No PFO from Pitt (ancient) and no interviews either. I assumed I mistyped my email and my PFO went lost


Anon, which Pitt job did you hear about?


Xavier rejection.


Anon: the Pitt PFO is for the M&E search, not Ancient.


Looks like Amherst scheduled first rounds. Can anyone confirm?


I have it on some authority that one of the on-campus interviews at Xavier was probably given to one of their current VAP's.

Job seeker

Boston University has scheduled fly outs.


has anyone heard anything from UMass Amherst since the request for more letters?


Any word at all on the Villanova Asian search yet?


Daemen College has begun scheduling first round interviews.


PFO University ofWisconsin


coastal carolina (early modern) is scheduling first round interviews.


I just received email notification of rejection for the Boston University job.

Over 200 applicants.

anon job candidate

Anybody know anything about NYU?


Which NYU would that be? The Bersoff postdoc? The Open/Open TT post? The Cultural Foundations postdoc? The Social Foundations postdoc?

(No news on my end for any of those, though. I wouldn't expect any for a while.)

anon job candidate

Just curious: why do you think there won't be news for a while? I thought they usually announce the Bersoffs around this time of year.


Adding to Michel's post above: The full time, non-tenure faculty position in the Tandon School of Engineering?


is anyone else still getting these updates from Clark that they have received your materials? What's going on here? Are they unorganized or does this mean something?


SJSU history first round.


@frustrated: also got the email. I wouldn't worry about it or read into it. It's probably just a courtesy update.

First time ABD

[frustrated], Hahaha Yes, this is my third acknowledgement that Clark has received my materials. If this hadn't happened twice already I would interpret it with significance, but since this has happened twice already, I just think it's a tick with IT.


Hi, at least two Bersoff notifications have gone out.


Robots in Disguise

The wiki recently showed University of Toronto (metaphysics) as having scheduled fly-outs. Does anyone here know whether these were scheduled directly, like the position there in Asian philosophy seems to have been? And, if so, via phone call and/or email? Much obliged!

Mr. Non-Pathetic

Robots in Disguise,

It's time to move on. I know it's hard, but it must be done. If you have not heard from University of Toronto (metaphysics) by now--phone call, email, smoke signal, WhatsApp, or whatever--then you never will. Spend your time on more productive endeavors, like improving your c.v. Figuring out how other people were contacted for an interview invitation that you didn't, and will not,'s a complete waste of time.


CSULB first rounds are going out.

Mr. Robot

May I suggest we reserve this thread for reporting and related questions? Commentary on what candidates should or shouldn’t do belongs in the discussion thread. (Glad to hear you’re not pathetic, though!)

Robots in Disguise

Mr. Non-Pathetic, thanks for the unsolicited feedback, and complete lack of trust in my having legitimate reason for asking that question here! (Gosh, it feels good knowing that there are potential members of this profession willing to act that way, esp. in an anonymous and quite helpful and supportive forum.) And, while I fully recognize that this very comment violates your suggestion, Mr. Robot, I completely agree with you.

Job seeker

Dalhousie won't make fly out decisions until first week of January at the earliest.


Re: an earlier question by big brother.

Would there be anything on one's page that would discourage any further pursuing of a candidate?

Should it be taken as a good sign that they are googling me or?


Re: My last post was meant for the "discussion thread" not "the reporting thread"

Anon student

Has anyone heard any news on the Indiana ELM search?


PFO from Montreal. More than 100 applications

Anon student

I wonder if there are other applicants for the Montreal job who haven't heard anything back? Maybe because I applied through Interfolio?


Anon student: AFAIK, the UdeM job (AI/Mind/Metaphysics) didn't have an Interfolio page. Applications were to be sent by email.

In any case, I applied by email and haven't received my PFO yet. I wouldn't read too much into it yet, though. It may just be that they made an initial cut (probably largely based on existing French skills), and informed the people who didn't make it. Actually, I'm surprised they got 100+ applications, given that the language of instruction is French--which leads me to suspect that's what happened.

In any case, good luck!

another anon person

Indiana ELM search:

I think they've gone to fly outs already, sorry.

Anon all day

Any word on Colgate, whether they've gone to fly outs in particular?


Colgate has scheduled at least some flyouts.


anon: Only 'some' fly outs at Colgate? Mind saying a bit more? Did they indicate that there might be more to come?

How about San Antonio? Have they scheduled fly outs?

Or how about Vanderbilt? I don't think I've come across any information whatsoever, and I think they had quite an early deadline.

Anon student

Thank you Michel and another anon person.

Michel: Right. I sent my application through an email using interfolio (so that the letters would be in the same place as the rest of my documents). So I was worried maybe they're using the interfolio-generated address. But if you also haven't heard back that's hopeful! =)


any info on St. Bonaventure? Arcadia? Lock Haven?


Vanderbilt had interviews and flyouts, and they decided not to hire anyone this year.


Another Anon Person, are you sure it was the Indiana ELM job that moved to flyouts? The wiki says Indiana ancient is doing flyouts but doesn’t mention the ELM search.

Another anon person

Indiana ELM: I have heard from someone who has been in contact with the search committee, I am afraid.


e: I didn't mean to suggest Colgate was going to schedule more flyouts. I just know they scheduled one, and I didn't want to presume they already scheduled all of them.


Does anyone know if Bard has made an offer?

Job seeker

Dalhousie has scheduled at least one fly out (and likely all of them - I just only know about one).


Any news from post docs at Princeton yet?

Anon all day

How about UC Davis?


Any news from Cal State Bakersfield, Lynn University, or Rutgers-Camden (ancient early modern)?

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