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Marcus Arvan

Hi Peter: great post! I don’t need a support group, but know those who do, and I have the sense it can be really helpful for accountability (particularly for procrastinators and perfectionists).

I have more experience with your first piece of advice from Wolff: the advice to write a page or whatever daily and then *stop* (and work on other things). This single piece of advice probably made the difference in me completing my dissertation. I had gotten nowhere for a coupl not years. Then I followed the kind of advice Wolff gives (I wrote three pages a day and then stopped)...and I ended up finishing my dissertation just 8 months later.

The crucial thing about the daily writing thing (and *stopping* instead of writing more) is that (1) it keeps you moving forward a little bit each day, while (2) leaving you time and energy to do other important things (e.g. revising other papers, etc.), such that each day you feel more accomplished than the day before. It leads to a kind of confidence-snowball where you feel positive each day and move toward your goals constantly. I cannot recommend Wolff’s advice (and yours) enough!

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