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I want to emphasize that I have had the same experience. I am one of the editors for the Springer/Nature journal Metascience, which publishes book reviews of books in the History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science. I have often found a young scholar who has published a recent paper on some topic related to a book I want reviewed by searching PhilPapers. Then I look for the person's contact information. I am only going to look so hard. At one point I give up. These are lost opportunities.


I am curious - don't almost all people have a page at their institution with their email? I guess not? All the places I have worked at do this automatically, whether I wanted them to or not.


You would think so. But it is not so. You should go to PhilPapers, pick a few names of people who have published recent work, and then see how long it takes to find their e-mail address. I commission 60+ reviews a year. I do not have time to hunt for people. So as soon as I hit a wall I move on and look for another person.

Sebastian Lutz

I guess this is as good a point as any to recommend using philpeople.org: If someone is already looking up your papers on philpapers, it's just one click to your philpeople profile.

Marcus Arvan

Sebastian: alas, it is also surprising how many people do not have philpapers profiles--and, of those who do, how many people do not have a CV or contact information on their page!


As someone who also looks people up quite frequently, I have to say that this is really true! I've also found that it's sometimes true of senior people who rose to seniority before the dominance of the internet (finding their CVs is often especially difficult, and their PhilPapers archive is often incomplete, so tracking down the papers I'm after can be a real pain).

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