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I don't know about jobs in Italy specifically, but many jobs in Europe are advertised on Philos-l: https://listserv.liv.ac.uk/cgi-bin/wa?A0=PHILOS-L

Sam Duncan

HigherEdJobs is probably the best place to look for CC jobs but also check the Chronicle and Philjobs. I've seen a few community college jobs posted on glassdoor. Sadly, the interface for that site is a nightmare to navigate (or at least it is when it comes to academic jobs). My advice is look everywhere if you're looking for CC jobs. Most will be posted on HigherEdJobs, but some won't. Look on the Chronicle, philjobs, and even Glassdoor as well.


As mentioned above, many jobs (Europe and elsewhere) are posted on the Philos-L list. You can filter for 'JOB' or 'JOBS:' to get only jobs.
Another place is www.jobs.ac.uk, obviously mostly for UK jobs but not only.

Noah F.

Just to second what Noam said - Philos-L is the place for a lot of European opportunities (not just jobs).

Andy Dufresne

For CC jobs in California, you definitely need to be looking at the California Community Colleges Registry at https://www.cccregistry.org/jobs/index.aspx

In my experience, not all CA CC jobs will end up at HigherEdjobs.com. This past year CA had a huge drop off in tenure-track CC jobs, but there were 12-20 TT jobs in each of the two years prior to the drop off.

Joe Ulatowski

Jobs is Australasia are often posted on Philos-L, but you may also want to check the AAP's website: https://aap.org.au/jobs.

Job seekers should note that some jobs in Australasia do not follow the typical North American, UK, and Europe cycle since the academic year runs from (roughly) March through November, southern autumn to southern spring.


Jobs in Italy are posted here: http://bandi.miur.it/

Philosophy jobs are under categories 11 C.

Jobs are posted all year long so if you look for a job in Italy you should check the website regularly.

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