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Daniel Brunson

Unfortunately, I am not TT, but I shared this with the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy Facebook group, so hopefully someone will step up.

Marcus Arvan

Wonderful - thanks so much!

Eric Thomas Weber

Very cool. Thanks to Daniel Brunson for calling my attention to this.


I think I said this before, but if there are left over mentees and mentors, it seems they should be placed together even if their aos's don't match. Less and less schools are asking for research statements. And if someone is trying to get a teaching job, then it is super important that their materials are accessible to non-specialists. So having a mentor that is not in your AOS is only a slight disadvantage.

Marcus Arvan

Hi Amanda: Thanks. Yes, this year we gave mentees the option to request to be paired with another mentee if we cannot find a mentor.

Because we think mentors are likely to be more useful, we have decided to prioritize that first, and will turn to matching mentees with each other as a last resort--probably in the next couple of weeks!


Hi Marcus,

I think you misunderstood my point. I was not suggesting mentees be matched with mentees (although that is fine as a last resort. ) I was suggesting mentees be matched with mentors even if those mentors do not share the same AOS.

Marcus Arvan

Hi Amanda: oops, sorry! Anyway, yes we do try to seek out matches even when AOS’s don’t match. However, what we’ve tended to find is that mentees and mentors seem to prefer being matched with people with similar interests and backgrounds. More often than not, when we propose matches between people of different AOS’, someone—usually the mentor, but in a few cases the mentee—asks for a better match. Given the volunteer nature of the program, there’s not much we can do about this.

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