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I am always puzzled by people asking about updates on certain jobs. Especially all the questions people ask about, "has so and so done first round interviews?" That makes me think candidates are thinking of every job they applied to, and wondering if they have an interview. That cannot be good for one's mental health. My assumption is always that I didn't get the interview, offer, etc. After all, the odds are overwhelmingly against me. When I do it is a happy surprise. I guess, though, making this assumption comes naturally to me. It might be hard to do on demand.

There is so much variation in time between interviews and offers it is hard to know much at all. I once was offered the job the same night as my flyout. Another time it took 3 months between first round and a campus invite. Usually the campus invites came 3-10 days after the interview. I had an on campus interview request that was put in my spam box. Thank goodness they went out of their way to contact me.

So basically, go into this with no expectations. And please be aware that:

1. Often there is a pecking order (especially with first rounds) so having a great interview is not all it takes to get to the next step. Sometimes you have little chance from the get-go.
2.The longer the amount of time between an interview and contact, the less likely you are one of the chosen few.
3. Schools do NOT always send a personal email after a skype or even an on-campus. This is rude af, but don't expect a rejection email. Silence is its own rejection.

Marcus what do you think about candidates asking for feedback? This is suggested sometimes. I tend to think it is awkward and not likely to result in good information. The search committee is likely to give a safe, bs answer.


On asking for feedback: I generally do this after on campus interviews, with varying degrees of success. I have got useful information in some cases, though not always. My general thought is that it can hardly hurt, so long as you do it politely, of course. The worst thing that can happen is that they say no.

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