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Instructor Gadget

I misunderstood the earlier post about this and did the survey/sign up in May. Would you recommend signing up again? Or were early attempts registered and kept. Thanks!

Helen De Cruz

Dear instructor gadget, alas I deleted all the responses as Marcus and I were tinkering with the survey and submitting dummy responses. Could you fill out a fresh form? Thank you.

Instructor Gadget

Yep. Thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous Post-doc

Hey, I signed up - should I have received a confirmation email?

Marcus Arvan

Anonymous Post-doc: I don't believe there is any confirmation email - but anyone who signs up should feel free to contact us at any time to make sure or find out where we are at in terms of being able to match them!

On that note, I want to note that it can take a bit of time for us to make matches - so if you sign up and days or weeks go by, rest assured: we have *not* forgotten about you! Sometimes, it just takes some time for us to get more mentors to sign up before we can match you.


Thank you for this initiative! Are you still running the mentorship programme?

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