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I just read his footnote at the beginning of his paper on emotions. Can't believe they took 13 months for an original decision and 8 months to check the R and R.

Thesis: it is immoral to take longer than 1 month to review a paper. Someone who takes longer than 3 is complete and irredeemable garbage.


The way Sheffield treated you is outrageous! I would have become a raving, alcoholic madman long before 10 years (I could hardly make it 3). These kinds of stories, I hope, are not taken as success stories. That's not the say that Tom didn't succeed, in some sense. He did get a permanent job eventually. However, 10 years of temp work, not knowing if you'll have a job the next year, with no obvious alternative career path, is no way to live. Tom may have succeeded, but academia, at least academic philosophy, has failed.

Tom Cochrane

Thanks for reading!


Tom I am curious whether deciding to move your family to such a far off land was an issue for you, or if you were always willing to move wherever it took to land a gig?

Marcus can we have a thread on moving for a job? For some people who love adventure, I suppose the choice is easy. But for most people, they are faced with a real life-altering, and not at all easy, choice regarding whether to permanently move somewhere very far from friends and family or leave the profession. In my experience, there is an expectation that you must be willing to move anywhere or else you are simply not dedicated enough to be a philosopher. But is this rational? In a discipline that prides itself in critical thinking it is amazing we don't talk about the tradeoffs of being an academic. One big one is that moving away from family means it might be impossible to eventually care for aging parents. I would love to hear how some people went through this decision making process, and perhaps some thoughts on whether professional expectations are reasonable or healthy.

Tom Cochrane

Hi there. Thanks for reading. Yes amanda, it was certainly a big consideration. There were some places that we ruled out moving to, though at least my wife has been willing to follow my job so that gave me a greater range of options.

Marcus Arvan

Hi Tom: sorry for the delay in getting your comments up. They somehow ended up in typepad's spam filter.

Marcus Arvan

Amanda: great idea for a thread - I’ll get on it!


Thanks Marcus!

And interesting, Tom. A spouse who is able and willing to move for your job is one of the most valuable gifts a philosopher could have.

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