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another postdoc

There is one, just for business ethics: https://businessethicsjournalreview.com/ A couple months ago when I found out about it, I kicked around the idea of doing one for political philosophy with friends on facebook and ended up getting connected with the founding editors of the business ethics one, who were quite open about the process. It seems to be flourishing.


I think that there are actually more journals that will publish replies to articles in other journals than people realize; these journals just mostly don't advertise that fact. A couple years ago I had a short reply piece rejected by the journal with the article it was replying to, and did a little digging to see what journals had previously published replies to articles in other journals. The list I came up with included: Phil Studies, Analysis, Thought, Ergo, Philosophy of Science (which is where my article was ultimately published), and European Journal for Philosophy of Science. I don't know how common it is for these journals to publish such replies, or how much harder it is to get them accepted, but if one is unsure in a particular case, one can always E-mail the editor and ask.

It is also often possible to reframe a reply piece so as to make it of broader interest: make one's interlocutor a representative of a more general view, note the possible application of one's response to said interlocutor to other similar arguments in the literature, etc. This requires a bit of extra writing, but can often still preserve the same core paper, and may make reply-style pieces attractive to a wider variety of journals.


I kicked around this very idea as well after working as editorial assistant for another journal (I thought it might be called Philosophical Replies). My biggest worry was how do decide which papers merit replies and which don't. Let's face it, some papers aren't great and replies are forthcoming and some papers are the 40th time around in an epicycle and it's hard to justify needing a 41st. This kind of issue seemed to me really hard to sort out and also, I admit, worried me relative to various climate issues in the discipline. One work around is just let anything in but such a journal might be a bit of a mess and would probably suffer in quality. If there is a good way to figure out which papers are viable to be replied to, this still seems like something the profession could really benefit from. Maybe the right way to look at is more from the side of the writer reply rather than the paper it is a reply to...


I think this is a great idea. I am impressed that there is one dedicated to business ethics, especially given their dedication to keeping it free for all. I am unsure whether I think it is better to have reply journals for specific sub-disciplines or more generalist reply journals, but I think both are good ideas. Sadly, I have no idea what might be involved in starting one, so I have no tips to add.


That would be a good idea

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