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Awesome thanks for sharing Marcus!


Marcus, thanks so much for this. But also: what a neat panel! Do you know anything about how that was set up?

Marcus Arvan

Hi Craig: Actually, I don't know much. It was a number of years ago now, so my memory is foggy. I seem to recall it being entirely organized by students (by student government perhaps). Anyway, it was just five student panelists all addressing the topic "What I wish my professors knew"!

Mark Z

Thanks for sharing these clips, Marcus.

If I may ask something only tangentially related: Would there be interest in setting up an online group (facebook, a separate thread?) for sharing useful short TV/film clips that can be used in philosophy classes? I have in mind things in pop culture that refer to philosophical themes, and clips, perhaps by politicians and pundits, that illustrate logical fallacies that can be shown in critical thinking classes.

Some clips, like the ones you have here, never get old. Others, like those with political figures or pundits, have to be recent as some become obsolete as soon as the person stops being president or goes off "the air" (or the links die).

(As I recall, Moti Mizrahi wrote an essay recommending using such clips in teaching the philosophy of religion some years ago.)

Is there interest?


I would be interested!

Mark Z

OK Amanda and anyone else interested,
Give me a few days and I'll set up a facebook page where I will post a few clips. I'll announce it on this thread and we'll take it from there.



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