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Shen-yi Liao

Thanks for this effort, Marcus and Helen.

I wonder if you'll consider anonymous posts (with perhaps non-anonymous submission)? As Prof. Olberding noted, some more vulnerable members of the profession had shied away from Deviant Philosopher for fear of, say, accusations of "professional misconduct". So perhaps that'd be a way to get more perspectives into this conversation.

P.S. I capitalize my first name as: 'Shen-yi'.

Marcus Arvan

Hi Shen-yi: I am certainly open to anonymous posts (provided the submission is made to us non-anonymously). And apologies the post incorrectly capitalized your name. I will fix it!

Stacey Goguen

Great idea; I'd love to do one of these! I'm also interested in hearing more from Shen-yi about his intro class, since, contra some of the Daily Nous comments, I don't think we can know much about *how* a person teaches just from their reading list. So I'd be interested to hear more about how you frame your readings in discussion and lecture, and if you've had instances of students being worried about 'indoctrination' or not hearing 'both sides.'

Helen De Cruz

That's an excellent point, Stacey! Indeed, in this series of posts we hope to get a holistic picture of how the course goes (we don't need an exhaustive list of readings or syllabus, although contributors can link to those if they like, if elsewhere available). I hope in this way, we get a better sense of how Intro is taught in a wide variety of institutional settings using many different approaches. We look forward to seeing your contribution!


Should it be all "unusual" courses? I wouldn't mind also hearing how some people do their courses, even if they don't consider them all that unusual.

Sara L. Uckelman

I'd be happy to write up how I run my 1st year logic course.

Marcus Arvan

Hi Sara: that would be great! Just send Helen or me your post whenever it’s ready. :)

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