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I want to add a few things. First, the 35% statistic of getting a permanent job is misleading, because as I recall it did not include all of those people for which an AOS could not be determined. When you include those the number was 25% which is a significant difference (and I can see no reason why not to include the unknown AOS's.)

Also, correct me if I'm wrong Marcus, but wasn't the stat about happiness in non-permanent academic positions concerning both social science and humanities PhDs? If so that seems significant.

Anyway, one thing I find concerning with the whole terrible job market is a number of things that don't seem to change. First, as far as I know, the number of PhD applicants has not changed much. This is odd. When you look at the bad market in law school, for instance, there was a huge decline in those pursuing law degrees. Also, despite all of us knowing the majority of PhDs in philosophy will not get a TT job, there has been few institutional efforts to prepare people for non-academic careers. It drives me crazy when people respond to this by saying philosophy professors are not qualified to help in this area, because all it takes is some effort and they would be qualified!

Marcus Arvan

Hi Amanda: good points. I double-checked the Daily Nous post where the job-market data was reported, and actually on further reflection it seems ambiguous to me. Jennings notes that she only “looked at” candidates with known AOS, so she might have just left out of both tallies (hires/candidates) those with an unknown AOS. In other word,, if the number of hires she lists was domain restricted to known AOS, the 35% statistic may not be so misleading. It may be an accurate percentage of people with known AOS’s who got jobs. The problem then is that it tells us nothing of the % of people with unknown AOS’s who got jobs.


Thanks Marcus. I got the 25% number from some update, I will try to find a link to it.

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