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anonymous TT prof

Reasons I might care about teaching evals, were I on a search committee, include:
(1) Is this person going to attract majors? If I am at a small department, this can matter a great deal.
(2) I just want to know that teaching isn't going to be a problem. Like, are we going to get complaints about this person? Will they become known as problematic throughout the university? etc.

(2) I think we can tell just by reading comments and a person not having catastrophically low evals. (1) might be something of interest to include. What percentage of students you teach in lower division classes end up being majors? Or you could include a question, "How likely are you to major or minor in philosophy now as opposed to before taking this class?" Something like that. Research institutions may not care, but small teaching colleges will care very much, especially as numbers of philosophy majors are dropping everywhere.

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