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another postdoc

Jacob Levy (McGill, political science...... sorry) says very sensible things on academic freedom embedded in his discussion of associations in Rationalism, Pluralism, and Freedom and has some blog posts (a prominent one on Bleeding Heart Libertarians, if I remember) and such extending on those ideas in more popular ways. I think he's particularly good about making explicit why different kinds of both restrictions on and protections of speech are necessary for furthering the aims of different kinds of collective projects/values/associations and that the nature of the latter shape the former.

Michel X.

She's a historian, but Deborah Lipstadt's focused on free speech for the bulk of her career. Her book "Denying the Holocaust: the growing assault on truth and memory" should be required reading when it comes to the free speech debate. Especially chapter 10, "The Battle for Campus," which relates the AHA's (and the American academy's) experience with Holocaust-deniers in the early 90s, and their experiments with the Millian "more speech" line of defense. That chapter is still so relevant that it could easily have been written today.

In the aftermath of the book's publication, David Irving (a Holocaust denier) sued her for libel (in England). A film was made about that trial last year. It's called Denial, and stars Rachel Weisz.

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