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It would be great if we did this. But honestly I have little hope. It just makes me sad our profession is so unmotivated to do this, but usually when I talk to people about these ideas they roll their eyes and talk about how grad students are "lazy" or how they "got themselves into it". As a discipline philosophy is sort of compete to the death.

Recent Grad

Amanda, I feel the same way. I haven't heard professors complain that graduate students are lazy or that they make unreasonable demands for attention, but I've witnessed plenty of indifference and neglect. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that, in other disciplines, cooperative research--including with graduate students--is the norm, but in philosophy, it's really not. In terms of the research-based "rewards" the profession doles out, it's more or less everyone for themselves.


Yes the lack of collaborative research likely has something to do with the culture. For the most part, I still think co-authored work is looked down open. I have a psychologist friend and we talk about norms of our disciplines, and she is often shocked by what I tell her. Shocked to the point where I think she quite literally doesn't believe me sometimes. How I wish I was lying.


It’s even more so discouraging that the APA placement service has been discontinued when you read how other disciplines view mentoring.

Bradford Cokelet

Great idea Marcus! You should email the APA!

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