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I also have the sense that it's worse than a couple years ago... just did a quick search on PhilJobs. (These are rough numbers at best; I didn't go into the ads to verify that they're what they say they are, for example.)

I searched for Junior Faculty positions (although the search includes open rank with these), TT contract type, and didn't include postdocs or others. I restricted it to the US but didn't specify AOS/AOC.

Junior TT US job ads from July 15 to Sep 25 (and July 15 to May 15):

2014: 83 (198)
2015: 64 (169)
2016: 71 (167)
2017: 56 (???)


Wasn't going to keep going, but the differences...

Same criteria as above:

2011: no data
2012: 78 (266)
2013: 87 (228)


I think we need to be patient. The job market is now MUCH later than it used to be. I had 9 skype interviews post Jan 5 last years and only 3 before Jan. I had 4 flyouts March to May for TT jobs. Talking to others my experience was not unusual. The job market isn't even getting started yet, judging from last year. I think a lot of committees want to wait until after their winter break.


I had a similar thought to Amanda's (but, unlike her, I didn't have any data or observations to back it up). We used to be able to use the scheduled JfP releases as pretty decent yardsticks for year-by-year comparisons, but I had been wondering if maybe everything is smeared around a time window that starts a bit earlier, and maybe runs substantially later. It would be good if we could get some sort of sense of when more or less the last tt job listings will go up each year -- assuming that we aren't eventually heading into a totally unstructured, year-round market.

Sara L. Uckelman

Interestingly, my (UK) university has recently switched to a uniformized schedule for all job postings, and it's much earlier in the year than previously. When I was hired (2014), my job was posted in May, I interviewed in July, and started in October. We recently advertised FIVE (yes!) new entry-level positions to start October 2018, and the job ads went out ~2 weeks ago along with every other new faculty job for the entire university.

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