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Hey Marcus, great post! A few initial caveats: My dissertation was in philosophy of mind/cognitive science, so I'm afraid I may not be up to speed in moral/political philosophy. And I haven't read your book, though this book certainly makes me interested to try to read it at some point :) And I'll have to spend some time later thinking more seriously about your discussion of moral exceptionalism.

A few thoughts: "Another possibility is that we have a duty to be careful to defend morally good ideas". I'm not sure that I'd put this in terms of a "duty", but I do think that it is WISE for philosophers to use their positions as educators for good, as best as we/they can :) There are many opportunities for this- it can be via the content of the courses taught; it can be expressed in the clothes we/they wear while teaching (wouldn't it be awesome if liberal academics united to wear black lives matter apparel while teaching and publicly denounce white supremacism?); etc.

One problem with this, though, is that educators who don't have tenure (grad students, lecturers, assistant professors, etc) may legitimately fear that their public support of good causes will negatively interfere with the dream of landing tenure. I have no idea precisely how legitimate that fear is, but perhaps it would be nice to have an open discussion about this so that teachers can know what they're getting into if/when they decide to use their positions as educators to support various causes?

Marcus Arvan

Anonymous: thanks for your kind words! I think you raise a great question worthy of its own thread, so I'll post your comment in a new post for discussion tomorrow. :)

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