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I've experiences similar things. There are two possible explanations.

1. They are disorganised and don't even know what the job descriptions says.

2. They are being dishonest for some sinister end.

Honestly, I don't know which!

Everlasting Godstopper

Hi Postdoc,

One naturally suspects some level of disorganisation (I'm not yet paranoid enough to think people are being dishonest, although the job market does do awful things to one's mental health!).

In both cases, I was relieved to be rejected (I'm fortunate in that I can be choosy with what jobs I take, and I find it worrying that some will take these sorts of things feeling like they have no other option). If the dept. doesn't even know what is in their own job description, then that's somewhat worrying.

Onwards :)


Just stay with it and you'll gain that sense of paranoia.

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