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I have used John Heil's textbook in conjunction with an anthology. It is 'metaphysics of mind' focused. The book worked well in a class with no majors (we have no philosophy major).

Michel X.

Although I think you'd be better off by curating a list of articles, I know that's not always practical.

There are a lot of metaphysics textbooks out there, but most don't feature much material by women (despite the fact that women have contributed a great deal to the subfield). One approach that might be good is supplementing whatever textbook you do use with survey articles from the Philosopher's Compass.

The Routledge Companion is pretty good, and features more than the usual number of contributions by women (although that's still not very many). Sider, Hawthorne, and Zimmerman's "Contemporary Debates in Metaphysics" is pretty good too, although very low on contributions by women.

As for single-authored intros: Alyssa Ney has a good (and new-ish) one called "Metaphysics: An Introduction". One of the standards for low-level intros is Richard Taylor's "Metaphysics", which does a very good job of making things accessible to the entirely uninitiated. The downside is that he's not very good at staying neutral, and his views are... silly, to say the least (I wouldn't dare teach the Taylor without supplementation or commentary!). Finally, Conee and Sider's "Riddles of Existence: A Guided Tour of Metaphysics" is quite good and accessible (I know, that's two authors, not one).

Evan Woods

I second Michel X's suggestion of Conee and Sider's book. I taught several chapters out of it in a (somewhat unusual) intro class and students seemed to enjoy it. They do a good job motivating the problems for students. I would recommend supplementing the material with additional readings, though, because they can go over positions rather quickly.
Unfortunately, I guess this wouldn't help much with the mind aspect of the course.

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