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Concerning Difference #2: My impression is that departments (and advisers, and committees) differ on length requirements. They also differ on whether you can "stitch together" stand-alone papers on a given topic into a dissertation. I've been at two different programs (I transferred mid-grad school) and at both, my advisers told me that I could write 3 or 4 good papers on a given topic and stitch them together. (Note also that, unless these papers were all crazy long, this would result in a dissertation significantly shorter than 50,000 words.)

There are reasons (I've heard) to proceed with caution when "stitching together" a dissertation: mainly, you want to have a unified research program on the market. (Of course, you can often find a unified theme to apparently unrelated papers on a given topic.) But that's an independent issue.


Whether or not one does a stitch together dissertation, it seems wise to write a dissertation that one can turn into individual journal articles without too much work.Doing articles early career, and a book after you are at least a little bit more established seems the best way to get your book noticed. Whether one was allowed to do individual paper dissertation was up to the individual dissertation supervisor in my program. My dissertation was about 57,000 words.


For me, #1 was the biggest problem. I'm not good with unstructured time. I found myself rushing at the end of each semester to have something to show my director.

I should have set more meeting points for us, and clearer expectations for each meeting. I'm sure my director would have gone for it, but I didn't ask.

My dissertation clocked in at around 82,000 words.

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