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20 years of research:


Structured procrastination is the key.


For $10 via the app store, you can try out WriteRoom. It's a distraction-free writing environment for your computer. It's minor, but it's helped me a lot.

Axel Gelfert

I guess I'm late to this conversation (though, for once, I'm not going to blame it on procrastination, but rather on the long summer break!), but I thought I'd mention two things I've found helpful when it comes to keeping procrastination at bay. First, when I'm in the middle of writing and need to take a break (or need to call it a day), I don't keep going until I'm done with the section (or the paragraph). Instead, I pause in the middle of a paragraph. This way, I know *exactly* where to start and how to continue when I get back (whether it's half an hour later or the next day); this significantly reduces the mental barrier to resuming work. -- Second, I've always found it helpful to have a side project alongside any major ongoing project. This way, if I get frustrated with the main project, I can always turn to the side project and still feel productive (i.e. keep writing). I guess this is a version of structured procrastination; it means you get to be productive even while not working on your top-priority project. At the same time, the side project should still involve writing-related skills, so that it's easy to shift gear again and move back to the main project. Anyway, these are two things I've found helpful -- if anyone has other tips, please keep sharing them!

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