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While this is sure to reveal where I currently stand on things, I still need to ask: what is SoTL?


Thanks for sharing! I am glad someone was able to give a first-hand perspective of a non-TT career that is still fulfilling. I know many friends in similar positions, and the job is not nearly as precarious as people tend to assume. Before I decided I was willing to move, I myself was close to taking a similar route that you did.

Of course, I completely agree that you deserve more respect and benefits than you have, and we all as a profession should fight for that to improve. I also wish there was a more systematic way of bestowing prestige on great teachers the way those who publish in great journals get prestige.

Lastly, I will note it is a shame you did not get benefits as an adjunct. That varies by state, and luckily the state I used to live in gave great healthcare benefits for adjuncts who taught two or more courses. It would be wonderful if all states did.


Tim: "Scholarship on Teaching and Learning" (Think the journal "Teaching Philosophy")


And, there is a lot of valuable SoTL in education-oriented journals and other various sources from outside our discipline. A lot of it is worthwhile and applicable to general teaching in higher education (though some of it can be more difficult to apply in philosophy classrooms).


Thank you Anonymous for sharing your story. Was an interested read with my coffee this morning.

It is somewhat surprising to me that without a PhD you still managed to get a permanent teaching position. I thought the times in which an MA could get you any job in philosophy were long past.

However, I do think this is kind of silly. Why should a 5 year research degree be required for teaching? It's odd if you think about it.

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