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This looks very useful. Thanks!

One feature that I'd *really* like to see is a daily RSS feed for it. It would really improve the usefulness of the site for me. I don't think it would be too hard to implement that feature pretty quickly. (The feed currently linked by my browser for it is empty: https://thephilosophypaperboy.com/feed/ )

Andrea Raimondi

Hi there,
the implementation of the rss is on our to-do list. However, there are some backend issues we need to work on in order to give you a nice, well formatted RSS. So be patient and check the website daily. We will soon release an announcement on a new "news" page.

The reason why we didn’t implement additional features from the beginning is that we use a development approach that start with a working MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and build the service incrementally, carrying out user validation every step along the way. So thanks for your feedback!



Hi, this has the potential to be a fantastic tool!

I was wondering whether it would be possible to filter out the journals that you know publish articles you are not interested in and to save these settings. Perhaps you could also add a newsletter option? It would be much more convenient to get the updates in the mail rather than visit a website.

Just my thoughts, thanks!

Andrea Raimondi

Hi there,
thanks for your feedback. What we know till now is that the majority of the users don't want a daily newsletter, given that sometimes the daily publication list can be big. However, we will continue to gather feedback on this task and eventually implement it in the future.
Regarding the filter, yes this is on our to-do list. However, it will take a while to implement this additional feature since we are exploring how to provide this feature without compromising the usability of the website.

For any communication about new features and the like, follow our twitter account: https://twitter.com/thephilpaperboy



ps: thanks again for your interest and feedback

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