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I'm curious if participating as a mentor is the sort of thing one would list on their cv?

Marcus Arvan

Craig: I don't see why not. It's a real service to the profession!


Just a thought: if you end up having more mentees than mentors again this year, a kind of second-best option might be to take the mentees who didn't get a mentor and match them up with each other. Then they can give each other a fresh set of eyes on their materials. Presumably this is not as helpful as feedback from someone who has successfully navigated the job market and maybe even been on search committees before, but it might be more helpful than nothing.


Craig: I was a mentor last year, and listed it on my CV. My CV is separated into service to the department, to the college, to the university, and to the profession (the last category is where I put things like refereeing, and where I put the mentoring program); at my university, service requirements for tenure have to be relatively evenly distributed across these areas. It was one of the things the provost specifically noted (positively) in his letter concerning my pre-tenure review file. Plus I had a lot of fun doing it!

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