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I had an on-campus interview. Two profs took me to lunch. I got the tortellini with red sauce. Half-way through, speared a tortellini, lifted, ... and it slipped off, splash, back into the sauce. Got me and one of the others. The moral, skip the tortellini.


you are never supposed to eat pasta while on job interviews. I think lasagna may have been invented to broaden the job-seeker's safe lunch and dinner options.

Robert Gressis

I was trying to come up with embarrassing moments, but I got nowhere. Then I tried to think of triumphs, and nothing came to mind either. Then I tried to think of just anything from my philosophy past, and nothing happened. I'm honestly shocked at how little of my life I remember.

Marcus Arvan

Ha - I made the pasta goof once myself. Critical information any job-seeker should know! ;)


Now you tell me! It looked like comfort food.

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