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Louis Chartrand

This sounds like an awesome idea. I would definitly use this. And would be willing to contribute in setting it up.

Elisa Freschi

Thanks for putting some effort into it. However: Why not just using the "Session" feature on Academia.edu?

Marcus Arvan

Hi Elisa: is the session thing in academia private? My sense has been that it makes one's paper visible on the site, but maybe I'm wrong. Also, don't you have to invite people to take part in a session? The service I'm proposing would do more than that: it would match people working on similar things to exchange their work. Finally, I know quite a few people who don't like academia.edu or who don't use it because of the site's profit-focused business model (which increasingly charges users for access to site features).

Elisa Freschi

Marcus, it is private and you can invite whoever you want. Plus, people who have similar research interests get notified about the session and may ask to join it (you will have to allow it or not). But I see your point about the fact that some people dislike Academia.edu (perhaps we should dedicate a post to it? In my subfield, there has recently been a very interesting discussion of its pros and cons).

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