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I work at a College whose main concern is teaching undergraduates, but we are also expected to research. When I was hired a senior colleague encouraged us to report our publications and conference presentations to the campus "newspaper". In addition to doing this, we have a department culture of reporting such things in department meetings. I think it is a good thing. You have to be assertive about your accomplishments. When people know about them, it will open up opportunities. For example, someone in another department may share a research interest and reach out to you when they are applying for an external grant. It is also a way of reminding administrators that philosophers are productive in ways that advance the institution's goals.

shane wilkins

Another thought---ask one of your colleagues and/or faculty mentor and say, "Hey, let me buy you a beer. I'm celebrating because I just got this paper accepted at the Transactions of the North American Solipsism Society!" Everybody likes an invitation to celebrate.

Kevin Timpe

This is exactly the kind of thing you should ask your chair or faculty mentor--what's the expectation here?

Sara L. Uckelman

A couple thoughts come to mind:

Why not just ask? Either the department chair or your mentor (if you have one). "Am I expected to keep you abreast of my new publications/honors/invitations? If so, what is the best way of letting you know this information?" I can't imagine any chair or mentor who would find receiving this question problematic. It's also in general way better to just ask if you have a question about new departmental expectations, rather than to feel your way blindly.

Some department webpages have news and highlights on the front page, tracking new publications and things like that. See if there is something like that, and then find out who is in charge of updating it and just let them know the information. If there isn't such a feed, perhaps suggest that there be one.

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