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Considering I applied to two regular US TT jobs this week (I applied the day of the deadline) then no, I doubt it is too late for everything. I would be shocked if it wasn't too late for jobs one applied to any earlier than late Dec.

recent grad

I've had offers to interview for TT positions in December, January, February, and March. I've had offers for TT jobs in March. I've had offers to interview for non-TT full-time positions in December, February, March, April, May, and June. I've received offers for non-TT jobs in May and July.


Jerry Green

Two issues here: 1) How late in the year can one get an offer? and 2) What is the typical length of time between the application deadline and start of interviews?

For 1) my experience is in line with Marcus and the comments above: I've seen cases of offers as late as June.

For 2), unclear. In my own experience, things moved very quickly: I'd guess the average time between deadline and contact about interviews was short, maybe 2 weeks. But this is a small sample size.

Someone more enterprising than me might compare the dates of the interview notices on the jobs wiki (http://phylo.info/jobs/wiki) with the deadlines on philjobs.org to see what the stats are.


In my own experience things moved incredibly slowly. At least a month and up to 2 months to hear back for both TT and non-TT jobs.


Two weeks is way too quick, in my experience. My longest wait was almost 2 months from deadline to interview invitation (and then another 5 weeks before I heard anything about the campus visit). The shortest I had was roughly 3 weeks from deadline to first contact (which included the winter holidays). Things went very quickly from there, though: within 2 weeks of my first-round interview, I was already back from a campus visit. That timeline (5 weeks from deadline to campus visit) seems quite fast to me. My others were in-between in timeline.

Anecdotally, I would expect this to be in transition, however. This is my first year on the market and my advisor told me that what I had by the beginning of the new year was all I was likely to get for TT jobs, but 75% of my interviews this year happened after the new year. So, I expect the job market is just getting lengthened both ways.

Martin Shuster

There are two issues here: a practical one and a psychological one.

First, you should give up on the idea of a first round interview *as soon as* you send out the application. Just do it. It is the only way to retain your sanity on the job market (I know it is hard, but think of it as a spiritual exercise).

Second, you should know that you can potentially get a first round interview at any time, although the chances decrease *significantly* if first round interviews have already been conducted.

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