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The other postdoc

First, don't be afraid to ask for clarification (on this question or any others). If they say, "So, tell us about your research," it's not unreasonable to ask if they want you to talk about (1) the actual content of your research or (2) your publication plans (e.g., what's in the pipeline, what's going out for review soon, and where). I get the sense that when this is used as an opener, they want to know more about the content of your research—but that doesn't mean to can't drop in a few lines about where you've published and what's out for review.

When it comes to giving your elevator speech, I think it works well in four stages: (1) Briefly describe the broad area of your research; (2) explain how your specific project differs from current work in the field (what is your unique contribution?); (3) motivate why your specific project is important (what are the implications for your field?); (4) give a concrete example of your work (e.g., give a quick summary of an argument you offer in an article or dissertation chapter).


Thanks (other) postdoc! That's really helpful.

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