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Jerry Green

This is great, Helen. I don't do X-phi (though I dabbled a bit early in grad school), but I think this is a great example of ways to think about structuring courses in a way other than just 'read some stuff, write some papers'. I especially like the idea of trying to replicate a result. And focusing on the practical upshot of the course is critical. I'd love to hear your thoughts on things you've learned along the way that you think might translate to other kinds of courses.

Helen De Cruz

Jerry, I have been thinking a lot about transferable skills and what it means to teach philosophers transferable skills. In the case of x-phi, it's obvious that learning how to design a questionnaire/simple between-subject experiment can come in handy, for instance, in any job to do with HR. I have been trying to get students to learn such practical skills in other courses as well. For instance, I did some game theory in my third-year course "Evolution and the mind" - let students think of the exchanges in the film Notting Hill (which they had all seen, except one, and he could get it in the library) in game theoretical terms (costs, payoffs etc).

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