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recent grad

I do two things:

1) I transport myself into the history of philosophy as a means of escaping.

2) I work to make my teaching directly relevant to the problems associated with Trumpism.

Take it for what it's worth.

Henry Lara

I take the "What do we do?" question to have two dimensions: first, what do we do personally, second, what do we do as philosophy instructors, professionals, or graduate students. On the personal side, I have blogged (ranted with dismay?) (http://henrylara-author.blogspot.com/), I am doing my best to keep reading and learn the facts (not easy considering how disappointed I am), and for the first time in my life, I am considering joining and being involved with a political party. The BBC has a helpful article with lots of good advice here: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-37921356

As to what should the profession do, I just don't know. As a TA, I thought the critical thinking/informal logic component of an Intro to Phil class this year. I used lots of examples from the campaign both to make the class more relevant to the students as well as to provide for some lighter moments. I am trying my best to reconcile the election results with what I taught about critical thinking and evaluating arguments. What do I tell a student that points to obvious flaws in the president-elect arguments? (When he actually gives an argument, that is) The only thing I am sure of is what NOT to say: that people are "stupid"; that they need to get "educated" (which is not to say that we need to do more to support higher ed; we need that more than ever!); or to give in and answer with other dismissive comments. If the profession is to contribute something meaningful, then we should perhaps start by looking beyond our own biases. It's perhaps the only way to make sure that what we say can contribute something, instead of it being just more echo in the chamber.

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