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By way of agreement: I was taught that one should aim first to be clear and second to be correct, and to leave being deep to take care of itself.

Also worth reading in this regard is Tim Williamson's amusingly polemical paper *Must Do Better*. Here's a link: http://tinyurl.com/cnefl5


It's an interesting question.

One piece of advice I got when I first went on the market is to assume that the readers of my writing sample were stupid, mean, and lazy. I think this is also a good strategy for publishing, and supports both of your suggestions.

My main strategy is to spend a HUGE amount of time with a paper--and show it to lots of people--before finally sending it off. My thinking is that if enough people with different philosophical sensibilities all like a paper, the odds are pretty good that reviewers will like it too. So far I am having pretty good luck publishing, but partly as a result of this strategy my sample size is low enough that I don't know if it's not a fluke.

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