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Looking to hire

Not to drift off topic, but there are other things young scholars should know about putting a cv together. For example, as one progresses through one's career, one should drop many of the earlier accomplishments. For example, at one point do not list your graduate stipends and scholarships unless they are truly exceptional (Rhodes Scholarship, for example). No one will care that you got the biggest (in terms of money) scholarship from your campus for graduate students. Similarly, at one point listing the graduate courses you have taken seems unnecessary when you graduated four years ago. There should be more important and more informative information on the cv that is more recent. The cv is a living document. You just do not add to it; you sometimes cull things from it. When applicants for jobs do not seem attuned to such things they look naïve and out of touch. This is not good.

Marcus Arvan

Looking to hire: Very good points! Some similar points were raised in the comments section of last year's Boot Camp post, but I thank you for bringing them to readers' attention in more detail here.


I was on the market for the past 5 seasons. In the first year or two I tried framing my CV for which kind of job I figured it was. But no luck. This past year, I put research first on the CV for every job, and I landed a teaching TT-job. They liked my strong research history. Granted, I'm just one data point to consider, but not framing the CV worked for me. It was also what my academic career consultant advised. Finally, I'd advise not assuming you can always tell which (teaching or research) is more important for a job based on what kind of university it is. The ad may give some clues, but often it doesn't.

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