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a reader

Dear Marcus,

Thank you for your work on the blog. I have enjoyed reading many of the pieces you have authored on the blog.
I see two paths open to you (not that you asking for my opinion). You could pass the blog on to some early career philosophers, thus letting the new generation address issues that are relevant to their experiences. Or (in addition) you could write about early career issues from the perspective of the mid-career philosopher, fully recognizing that some of what you said then, you now see differently.

Marcus Arvan

Dear 'a reader': Thank you for your kind words and the suggestion. I think I am inclined to do both, as in a fairly obvious respect both perspectives--that of current early-career philosophers and that of a mid-career philosopher--could be of value to the blog's readership. This is in large part why, although I fully intend to keep blogging here from my evolving perspective, I wanted to once again encourage new voices to come on board, providing a forum for early-career people to explore the issues they are grappling with!

Helen De Cruz

Hi Marcus - thank you very much for raising these concerns. It's important to get more junior people in here, to talk about the challenges of the job market. As for the second horn of the trilemma: While I agree about the dangers of blogging about the challenges in my current stage of career, I still think there is value in this, and that some of the challenges are faced with junior people. Most job market candidates hope to get a permanent job some day, so these things impact them too. But ultimately, we need more early-career people to keep the finger on the pulse.

Marcus Arvan

Hi Helen: Thanks for chiming in - I entirely agree!

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