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Stacey Goguen

I find all of these things helpful. Another two reasons to not stick to rules absolutely:
--The ideal would be for work to be enjoyable. If you force yourself to work no matter how 'painful' it is to you, you are creating negative associations with your work. But if you capitalize on the times when you are in the zone, and let yourself stop after you've been somewhat productive, you can build positive associations with sitting down to work. And that make sitting down to work feel more enjoyable, or less painful, in the long run.
--If you aim for perfection, it can give you an excuse to give up as soon as you've broken one of your rules. (I am very susceptible to this, so by making my rules 'guidelines,' I actually give myself less psychological wiggle room to give up on work for the day early.)


Do you know the principles of Benedictan time management? I find these very suitable for research work. Wil Derkse has written a beginners guide in Dutch, and I believe this is the English translation:

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