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" a text-to-speech article"

What's your tool chain/process for this?

John Baez

"One time, the two hundred students were so still in the lecture hall that the motion sensors decided the classroom was empty and the lights turned themselves off. Whoa."

Congratulations! Ironically I read your post just after seeing this:


Eric Schwitzgebel

Hi folks!

John -- I can't seem to get the pic to load, so I guess I'll have to take your word that it's ironic.

Ed: I use Voice Dream.


Thanks, I'll give it a shot!


Thanks for sharing, Eric. I suppose this is a question that might take you more time to answer than you would like, but as somehow who also thinks about writing as a craft, and who considers themselves to be a writer of sorts (just of philosophy, and not novels), I am interested to hear more about some techniques you practice to achieve a style of writing that is suited for both those who practice "skimming for the big picture" as well as those who want to see you do battle with the details. I'm a second year doctoral student always in search of writing advice, so hearing your thoughts on this would be great. When it comes to pleasing the skimmer, is it just a matter of having catchy section headings and laying the goods on the table in the first sentence of each section? Or something else? Thanks!

Eric Schwitzgebel

Hi ST -- didn't notice your comment til now! Probably too late, but if you check this, please feel free to email me.

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