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I've done well publishing the last few years mainly in top 20 journals by keeping around 5 papers under review, writing a new one at least every time 1 is published (so I maintain at least 5 under review at all times), and revising papers based on good referee reports before sending them out again.

I'll stick with a paper I like for years. I just had one published in a top 20 that was rejected 6 times (including from much worse ranked journals). I of course am always thinking of improvements throughout the process. The papers get better and better (often longer too). But if there is a paper of mine I like and I want published, I get that f*cker published!! ...eventually...

I've had no more luck publishing in low ranked journals than top 20. I find that low ranked journals sometimes have really bad referees, but so do top journals. (You can't imagine some of the incompetent people I've gotten at AJP.) So, as I don't do any better at no-name journals, I just submit to top 20 now.

There is a big luck element to it (just getting a competent review helps), but it does seem as if as my papers get better they eventually get R&Red.

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Thanks for this advice. I see plenty of people on blogs talking about journal rankings. Where might I find a reliable one? When I search I seem to find rankings that are either very old or highly contested. Is this the best kind of information available or am I just not finding the good stuff?


Job Marketer,
This is a reasonably good (and reliable) list.


All of these journals are respectable.

When choosing where to publish you ought to think about who your audience is. For philosophy of science, for example, here is a reasonable list, roughly in order: Philosophy of Science, BJPS, Synthese, Erkenntnis, SHPS, ISPS. That is, publishing in these journals will give you credibility as a philosopher of science.

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Thanks, Journals!

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