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Joe Campbell

Two things to point out.

First, most philosophers would be ill-advised to contribute to this post since they'd be giving too much information to applicants. (It would be a clear advantage to folks who read your blog, for instance.) I'm in a special situation. Maybe you could figure out some other way of getting this information. It's a nice project.

Also, I'm at a state school with no grad program. This reflects my own personal views, not those of my department, school, or university.

1/ Writing sample, letters, publications, grad school; gender, in case of a tie

2/ Everything else

3/ Bad teaching record

4/ Letters, writing sample, publications, teaching evaluations, grad school

5/ Can she/he teach to our students? Is she/he capable of conveying information to folks at a state university? Will she/he get tenure (publications, writing sample, letters)?

Anon Grad Student

It might be true that this information would give an advantage to readers of this blog. But many (most?) people on the job market are aware of this blog, and in any case, given that it is already the case that some people have this advantage (viz. those people at departments with particularly thoughtful and helpful placement chairs), diversifying the sources of the advantage might be one way to work toward evening the playing field.

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