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prefer no real name, but email is real

"More importantly, W made a really bad error asking for extra "research resources", such as a pre-tenure sabbatical and no more than three course-preps. These sorts of requests just won't fly at a teaching institution. Nobody gets those sorts of exceptions at teaching institutions--at least none that I'm aware of."

You should be aware, then, that more than a few teaching institutions offer these kind of resources. I have in mind the wealthy and highly selective liberal arts colleges in the league of Amherst, Smith, Williams, Swarthmore, Bates, Carleton, Bowdoin, Pomona, Wellesley, and Davidson. I teach at such an institution (a highly selective liberal arts college), for example, and was able to negotiate a reduced teaching load (1-1 my first year, 1-2 my second year, then 2-2) and a full year of pre-tenure sabbatical.

"In short, for better or worse, there are reasons to negotiate a whole lot more cautiously with teaching-centered institutions than with research institutions."

I would qualify your claim above, than, with something like this: "except for the wealthy and highly selective liberal arts colleges, which often have resources that are as good or better than those at research schools".

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