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Henry Lara

I often wonder about this. As an undergraduate, I was very outspoken about some of my X's in class discussions (e.g., ethnicity, being a military veteran, etc.) while being very reserved about others (religious views, political views, etc.). I felt that some people wouldn't listen to my views or would dismiss them outright because of the later X's. I am years away from being in front of a classroom, but I often wonder about this question and have yet to form an opinion on it.

Rachel M

Could it backfire? Oh definitely. Should you do it? Eh...that's up to you. I come out in classes when it's relevant to class discussion (if we're talking queer or trans issues), but generally not otherwise. I think I would have chosen a more politically innocuous example in your case, though (such as my favorite ice cream, maybe). But...I work in a state institution in a very red state.

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