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I’d recommend Emily McTernan’s forthcoming “How to be a Responsibility-Sensitive Egalitarian.” It explores a relatively under-explored issue related to luck egalitarianism: Why should we care about responsibility? --- as distinct from the more usual question, “How can we articulate responsibility and equality in a theory of distributive justice?” To my knowledge, this had not been done to that degree of clarity: it was more or less explicitly assumed that responsibility was valuable in some way, and it was not even questioned whether the “why” question had any relevance as regards the “how” question.


Also, here’s a link to the paper on Academia:


Unfortunately the paper itself hasn’t been uploaded, but it is available in online prepublication version on Wiley.


I recommend Holly Lawford-Smith's "What 'we'?", forthcoming in Journal of Social Ontology (which is, btw, an open-access journal). In the paper, she argues against the idea that it sometimes makes sense to attribute obligations to what unorganised groups. Instead of such collective obligations, we should rather attribute obligations to individuals to promote collective action. The paper is clear, raises lots of interesting philosophical questions about collective (forward- and backward-looking) responsibility and agency, and is clearly relevant to some thorny real-world moral issues.

A final draft of the paper is available here:

Marcus Arvan

Thanks for the suggestions so far. Please, keep 'em coming!

A quick note: the papers I can recommend have to be on academia.edu! For instance, while I like Holly Lawford-Smith's paper a lot, unfortunately I can't recommend it at the moment because it's only on philpapers. :/


Ah, of course, "papers on the site", missed that!

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